The parasocial relationship Taylor Swift fans have with their “mother” has reached a creepy level as fans have begun stalking the star’s NYC home of residence.

Fans have been filming into her garage while waiting outside her apartment, elevating themselves from hardcore stans to straight-up stalkers.

Re-uploaded clips capture Swift looking freaked out behind the window of her car, as it pulled into the garage of her NYC apartment on Monday evening.

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The garage-filming “fans,” are extremely unhinged. From their tone of voice to their begging for her to “please please come here,” these out-of-control Swifties needed to be reminded of just how insane their behavior is.

The fans (stalkers) have apparently deleted their Twitter accounts after a horde of angry Swifties came for them with death threats (overreaction), revealing their identities and calling for their Eras Tour tickets to be revoked.

@glorstruggles shared a screenshot of  the video to Twitter with the caption, ” She hates all of you by the way (the ones that showed up there).”

The NYC stalking began after fans started live streaming outside Electric Lady studio after Taylor was seen entering the building earlier in the day.

As @raghavkalra711 put it, “Some of you guys literally need a fucking reality check.” Surely there are a million better things you could do in New York instead of stalking Taylor Swift and getting doxed by angry fans. One side of the Swiftie community is trying to talk sense into the unhinged fans who are splitting their time between trying to cancel her (alleged) boyfriend, Matty Healy, and attempting to follow her into her home and live inside her skin.