No matter how fast some rappers spit, their most ardent supporters will memorize every word, screaming bars at the top of their lungs at concerts — or, honestly, anywhere they get the opportunity to do so.

In some cases, a rap fan will get to experience the ultimate dream: Being pulled on stage to rap with their favorite artist.

This recently happened with a fan of the rapper Eem Triplin. At a busy show, the Pennsylvania rapper pulled up a fan to rap along with one of his songs. In Triplin’s mind, he likely thought the fan would enjoy the experience, even if they weren’t able to manage all of the flows. He may have thought that the fan would spit some bars of his own, blowing the audience’s mind in the process.

Instead, the fan blew chunks. Three times.

Unfortunately for this young hip-hop head, someone was there to record the whole ordeal.

Here’s how it went down: Triplin launched into the song with a few ad-libs, gesturing to the fan to hype him up. At first, the fan seemed down, matching Triplin’s moves and bouncing along to the beat. Then, the vomit struck. A professional, Triplin continued with the track, leaving the fan to manage his vomit on his own.

The fan tried to gather himself, but proceeded to throw up again. He dabbed his mouth on his T-shirt, only to ralph for a third time. After a few seconds, security escorted the fan off-stage.

For the most part, those on Instagram were pretty unsympathetic to his plight.

“Why’d he try and act like it was all cool after tho,” asked one commenter.

“Therapist: Don't worry, your worst nightmares will never come true. This kid: hold my beer,” joked another.

“Bro lived through a fever dream,” stated a third.

That said, there were at least a couple expressions of sympathy. “honestly feel bad for bro I’m sure he was hella nervous. shit happens,” reasoned a commenter. “you know he’s embarrassed asf.”

“This that shit that makes you stay up late thinking about how embarrassed you are, except like 10000x worse,” detailed a second. “Poor kid.”

Triplin himself was among the sympathetic, later posting about the incident on Twitter. “man tha kid begged me the whole show to bring em up to perform this song,” he wrote. “tha drank got the best of em. all love to him tho.”