Measuring 125 miles long and 25 miles wide, the Beardmore Glacier located in Antarctica is easily one of the world's largest glaciers. It was one of the earliest known pathways to the South Pole, and is a main passageway through the Transantarctic Mountain range which eventually leads to the great plateau.

Seems normal enough. However, some conspiracy theorists would beg to differ.

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The conspiracy originated from a naval engineer base in McMurdo Station, Antarctica. In 1995 a crew would regularly see flying/floating circular objects surrounding the area over Beardmore Glacier. An investigation was never conducted since there was supposed to be a no-fly zone in that area.

However, during an emergency extraction, the crew knew they wouldn't get to their injured comrade in time. So they decided to pilot right through the no-fly zone and over Beardmore Glacier. Once in the area, they spotted a massive hole in the glacier spanning the length of a football field. But that's not even the strangest part.

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After picking up the casualty, upon their arrival back at the station the crew was met by a suspicious man in an all-black suit. The man told them what any 'man in black' says in these situations... "What you saw at the pole, you did not see. You do not talk about this, because you never saw it."