After years of offering mediocre films and TV series, Netflix has expanded its horizons, serving equally mediocre fare at a Los Angeles pop-up named, Netflix Bites, set to open later this month.

Though the streaming giant promises to offer “fans and foodies alike a one-of-a-kind restaurant experience” with chefs from Netflix original series including Chef’s Table and Nailed It! (because as we all know, nothing says fine dining like the ugliest cakes you’ve literally ever seen) viewers had a much different idea of what the pop-up would entail.

“If your party has separate addresses, you have to pay twice. If you like anything on the menu, they’ll take it off in two months,” wrote Twitter user @baddestmamajama, joking that  “all dishes come with a light transphobic sauce.”

“I can't wait to find out my meal is canceled halfway through the second course,” quipped @OffBrandLink.

“Huge menu, but everything sucks,” added @morninggloria.

We may still be watching, but we’re definitely not eating.