Long before J.K. Rowling proved herself to be a raging TERF with an apparent fear of gun-wielding catgirls and unyielding obsession with strangers’ genitals, it seems the author had several other beefs a-simmering in her bit- sorry witch’s cauldron, managing to everyone that isn’t her WASP-y ass.

Amid the backlash surrounding Hogwarts Legacy’s decision to name their first and only trans character Sirona Ryan — which come on Devs, ya’ll are in STEM, you can’t be that dumb — several reformed Potterheads have taken a terrible trip down memory lane, reminiscing on the writer's habit for giving her characters cartoonishly terrible names.

“So we have: an Asian character named Cho Chang - a Black character named Kingsley Shacklebolt - a Jewish character named Anthony Goldstein. And now a trans character whose (sic) name is literally "sir. ryan" I'm done,” mused one self-described “adult catgirl,” making the second time this year Rowling’s antics have landed her at odds with the catgirl community.

While it’s worth noting that Rowling reportedly has no creative say in the game, some fans were quick to note that the editorial team was seemingly taking quite a bit of inspo from the woman once lauded by Vladimir Putin.

“They JK Rowling’ed her name so hard,” wrote one fan. “Was Herman Tran already taken? Is it really so difficult to avoid embarrassing names of the few minoritized characters in the series?”

“If jk rowling wrote a trans woman character her name would probably be something like Sirona Ryan,” added another.

J.K. Rowling — proof you can take the series away from the TERF, but you can take the TERF away from the series.