Caroline Calloway started an OnlyFans account and now the nude market has climaxed

This is not something I ever foresaw myself covering, as I didn't know it would or dare I say, could ever become a thing, but it has. The global market for boobs, butts and everything 'nude' has reached critical mass. 

If you are like us, you know the markets well. And you also know that since people went into self-isolation over COVID0-19 this year, that the demand for nudes has sky-rocketed. But that doesn't mean the market needs more boobs, no just the opposite. 

OnlyFans is a subscription site where women and men can sell their nudes direct to their consumers. And in the last month, OnlyFans has seen both those hosting on the platform and those subscribing to 'creators' skyrocket. 

SF Chronicle article about women selling their nudes on OnlyFans

Since things have slowed and women have taken to the Internet to make money, publications have twisted this reallocation of women's time and work as, self-empowering and even go so far say women have "monetized themselves". Yeah, big shocker, women resort to the literally the oldest job in the world.  

Caroline Calloway, a famous Instagram person, who we did not know before researching this story, and who only appears in it because she seems to be tipping the scales towards over-saturation, has entered the chat. And yes, you guessed it, started an OnlyFans account. 

For just $49.99 a month, you can pay for the premium content Caroline decides to put on her OnlyFans. Cool huh? Well not everyone in the horny online circles of Twitter were happy. 

A Tweet calling out Caroline Calloway for starting an OnlyFans account in an already over-saturated market

The kicker here is not that you can pay for some over priced boobs, while the internet is filled with billions of them, it's that these women think finally doing this in some way makes them subversive, or unique. Also, they pollute the market with low quality pics that reek of amateurism. 

So if you feel like paying 50 bucks a month to look at some weak ass nudes, that's on you bro, just know you're contributing your investments into a product that will not pay you back the dividends you could earn else where. 

A meme about The Cut paying for Caroline Calloway's OnlyFans