Action star and wrestler, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson allegedly has a punch limit/no lose rider in his movie contracts. Apparently since The Rock has made a career out of being a larger than life winner on WWE, if any of his characters happen to lose a fight in a movie it could hypothetically be detrimental to his "image."

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The inspiration for the rider actually originated with fellow Fast and the Furious cast member, Vin Diesel. Diesel's original contract for the franchise stated that his character, Dominic Toretto could not lose a fight. Talk about some alpha male bro shit. Diesel took it a step further with the help of his sister. As a producer on the films, she created a formula using kicks, punches, and other attacks to limit the damage that Dom Toretto would take on camera.

All of that is to say that both Jason Statham and The Rock went on to request the same "Damage Limit" clause in their contracts as well. To this day The Rock still keeps this clause in every movie he acts in.

Things might get interesting though, as Black Adam is clearly a villain and may have to lose and/or die eventually. Did we also just forget that in The Other Guys, The Rock's character literally jumps off a skyscraper to his death? We may need to take a look at the fine print here.