It’s a Tarantinan tale of triumph over defeat … or should we say de-feet.

When the Los Angeles Lakers forward, LeBron James, tore a tendon in his foot during a game in February, his time on the court would inevitably reach an abrupt stop, with two doctors advising him to undergo a season-ending surgery.

Yet an anonymous podiatrist – one James aptly described as “the LeBron James of feet” – managed to help him get back on his, advising him to postpone the procedure, advice that coupled with his team’s success in his absence, helped him heal “faster than anybody they’ve seen before with the injury.”

As headlines began emerging echoing the Ohio-native’s claims that his unnamed doctor was his podiatry counterpart, the fine cinephiles of Twitter begged to differ. Why? Director and notable foot fetishist Quentin Tarantino isn’t dead yet.

“There's only one "LeBron James of feet,” mused writer Ian Cohen, quote tweeting a snap of the director alongside a headline touting the podiatrist’s new superlative. “We all know that the "LeBron James of feet" is Quentin Tarantino,” added another user.

Take it from the fine folks of Twitter – it doesn’t matter if you’re LeBron’s foot doctor, Tarantino will always be the king of feet.