Were Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet victims of the infamous PCP-laced clam chowder incident that plagued the set of 'Titanic' all those years ago? We can dream. Fortunately for the two actors (unfortunately for us) they weren't on set shooting when all hell broke loose.

The 25th Anniversary of James Cameron's Titanic is being celebrated this week. By now you've probably heard that while filming, an unknown subject spiked the caterer's clam chowder with angel dust, also referred to as PCP. Leo and Kate may not have been on set that night, but Bill Paxton sure was.

In a memorable interview with Larry King, Paxton revealed that he was in Halifax, Nova Scotia and that they were filming on the research vessel known as the Keldysh. Paxton wasn't planning on eating the chowder that night but had some encouragement from Director, James Cameron.

As Paxton recalls, he started noticing coworkers acting strangely. It ended with 150 crew members rolling into the hospital at 1 am. "Some people are freaking out, some people are congo-dancing, some people are euphoric," stated the late actor.

However, the PCP didn't seem to hit Paxton as hard as the other members of the crew, and according to the actor, he left the hospital to go kill a case of beer. "That seemed to help me." Absolute icon.