Die-hard sports often get fun of for being a bit too attached to their favorite teams, but one woman has staked her claim for the biggest sports fan in America after she took a 110mph line drive to the head and then stayed at the game. 

Note for the wise, if you take a 110mph baseball to the dome, go see a doctor, like immediately. However, this woman got more than just some brain damage (we don't know if she sustained serious brain damage), she got her own limited edition Topps card to commemorate her shinner. 

Liz McGuire, the woman with the shinner, tweeted, "Hey @BlueJays. I got my face mashed in by a 110mph foul off Bo Bichette's bat. I didn't even get the ball. I even stayed till the end of the game. Any way you can hook a girl up?" While the Blue Jays have yet to respond, baseball's premier card retailer took the opportunity to capitalize on the clout. 

So next time you start judging someone's sports fanaticism, remember this woman and all she sacrificed for the game she loves.