Among all of Captain Marvel’s superhuman abilities – her penchant for manipulating gravity, flying at the speed of light and nabbing a sequel despite her first solo film’s terrible, terrible reviews – another one of her powers has emerged as her most enviable –  the ability to wear tapered tank tops without her bra straps showing.

Shortly after Disney dropped the latest trailer for their upcoming MCU flick The Marvels on Tuesday, April 11, a shot from the teaser emerged as fashion Twitter’s latest outfit inspiration – namely, Larson donning a cropped white racerfront tank top and a pair of black high-waisted pants.

“Need to know what bra she’s wearing that looks good with that type of shirt,” wrote @mtvsjackass alongside a screengrab of the now-viral scene, noting that she had “struggled with this all my life.”

Much like the Avengers, Twitter’s resident army of fashion experts swooped to the rescue, speculating on how, exactly, Larson’s Captain Marvel managed to pull off that tank, racerback bras, tape, and even built-in camis all emerging as top contenders.

“She’s wearing a tshirt bra that has the option to cross the straps in the back,” mused self-described “Bra Fitter” @anarakish.

“She’s probably wearing her correct bra size which can be found by getting a professional Bra Fitting,” they continued in what may be the most effortless self-promotion to ever happen during Twitter’s entire 17-year history. 

Yet according to journalist Carolyn Hanson, who has bylines at fashion publications including Nylon and V Magazine, nipple pasties are most likely how the film’s wardrobe team achieved Larson’s strap-free look.

“I’m 90% sure she’d be wearing pasties/nipple covers—specifically nude ones, of course,” she explained over an Instagram direct message, citing Larson’s lack of “obvious straps” or lines “around her torso” as tip offs that the actress was probably not “wearing a full bra.”

“If she is wearing a bra, it’s definitely a racerback,” she elaborated, a sentiment echoing several of the commenters in the original thread.  

So take these tips and go forth for strapless girl summer … and if none of these work out hey, there’s always CGI.