Boston Logan International Airport briefly transformed into Boston International Demolition Derby Dome on Thursday, after two Jetblue aircraft collided on the runway.

At roughly 6:40 a.m., JetBlue Flight 777’s left winglet collided with the right stabilizer of JetBlue Flight 551 while on the de-icing pad, per ABC News. Both aircraft, respectively headed to Las Vegas, Nevada, and Orlando, Florida are currently undergoing repairs, prompting each flight to be canceled.

Though Jennifer Mehigan, Director of Media Relations at Massachusets Port Authority may have described the incident as “very minor,” very passively stating that the planes “made contact while in the de-icing area,” the visuals made us question what, exactly, “very minor” means in the world of Massport.

But whether or not this incident was as minor as described, at least we know that no one was hurt in the ordeal … except for the Bostonians forced to re-book their escape from Massachusets.