Earlier this year, an artist named Sandy Williams IV reintroduced a piece entitled 40 ACRES: Camp Barker to a park in Washington, D.C. According to the artist, the piece, which is a wax replica of the Lincoln Memorial, allows viewers to get an experience they cannot normally achieve with typical monuments.

“I am interested in visualizing change and building monuments able to keep a living record of activity,” explained Williams IV, per East City Art. “By melting these wax versions of famous monuments, people are given agency over these forms that are normally (legally) untouchable.”

But now that ol’ Lincoln is melting, it looks less like we’re being given agency and more like he’s being given some sloppy dome.

While the original may have tried to show Lincoln with a calm self-assuredness, this new, melted Lincoln has him poised in the throes of passion. His head is tossed back, and his hands grip the arms of the chair firmly — maybe he just got a visit from the internet’s new favorite lady?

Unfortunately for Mr. Lincoln, the heat eventually became too much (or the head was too good, who’s to say?). The statue melted after this photo was taken, and now, anyone visiting its location will see only a puddle of white goo.

No, not like that — or maybe a little like that.