There is no bond like the bond between a father and son. Being a man is something men learn from their fathers. How to treat others, how to treat themselves. How to hold themselves to high standards and how to come back from failure. Though sadly, oftentimes father-son relationships can be difficult. 

Take this father for example. He and his son are doing a bit of batting practice on a weekend. Sounds like he's an invested dad right? Taking extra time to help his little man master the craft of hitting. Only it doesn't sound like either of them are having a particularly good time. 

The father can be heard screaming and swearing at his son as he rockets baseballs in his direction while screaming that he's pissed off and berating his son for his poor performance. 

@jakesavicki Dads…dont miss a lifelong opportunity to be proud of your son. #baseball #baseballboys #baseballszn #mlb #baseballlife ♬ original sound - Jake Savicki

The video, which has been stitched by TikToker, @jakesavicki is legitimately hard to watch. The kid, who doesn't look a day over ten doesn't say anything as his dad raises his voice and continually criticizes his performance. 

@jakesavicki makes some very salient points about the tough bond between a father and son, ultimately saying that young boys and later men, only want to make their dads proud and to eventually share their success with their fathers. But this poor kid, while he one day might find the success he desires, won't thank his father for pushing him, but will resent him for how he was treated all those years ago. 

Thankfully, the two weren't the only people in the park that day, as two women confronted the angry dad pleading with him to show an ounce of love to his son. 

TikTok user, @emba333, can be heard saying, "Take it easy on him" and "You're doing a great job sweetie" in an attempt to show the young man that he doesn't deserve the treatment he is getting, let alone from his father. 

@emba333 i have no regrets confronting this dad for his treatment of his child, sports is a competitive field i get that but is no way an excuse for this kind of verbal n mental abuse. i hope this babys every thought is validated that this is not normal. i will never be a bystander #huntingtonbeach #oceanviewlittleleauge ♬ original sound - 3A

Now, of course, we don't know all the details, maybe the kid really does suck (kidding), but we know enough to know that any dad who is so quick to put down his own flesh and blood never got the love he so desperately desired from his own father. 

Here's to hoping this kid one day makes the majors and doesn't take his try-hard dad along with him.