I love the Counting Crows as much as the next millennial, but on god, who let this happen? The internet (myself included) is just now finding out how much rizz lead singer Adam Duritz actually had back in the day. His dating record easily puts Pete Davidson's to shame.

I realize this might be a bit overwhelming. Trust me I was just as shocked as you are. So let's recap a bit. Adam Duritz, born Adam Frederic Duritz is the lead singer of the '90s pop/alt rock band, The Counting Crows. He's your average white male with a head full of dreads. Occasionally he's been known to grow facial hair.

With all that being said, somehow he still bagged these women. 

Nicole Kidman

After her divorce from Tom Cruise, there were some very valid rumors that Duritz and Kidman were hooking up.

Jennifer Aniston

She and Duritz were more than just friends. 

Courteney Cox

Yes. Really. 

Mary-Louise Parker

The Weeds star clearly wanted her slice of the Duritz pie.

Winona Ryder

I have no words.

Christina Applegate

Just when you think Adam has a type...

Emmy Rossum

The Shameless star dated Duritz for about a year before calling it quits.

Whitney Casey

Former CNN journalist, Whitney Casey dipped her toes into the Adam Duritz pool.

Lara Flynn Boyle

Best known for her work on the television series Twin Peaks, Lara Flynn Boyle filled her dance card with Duritz for a brief moment in time.

Monica Potter

The Counting Crows' song Mrs. Potter's Lullaby was inspired by the actress. She's most notably known for her work on Con-Air, Patch Adams, and Along Came a Spider.

Trishelle Cannatella

Trishelle gave it a go with Adam after her stint on The Real World: Las Vegas.

Samantha Mathis

Last but certainly not least is actress Samantha Mathis. The two dated for about a year back in 2004. Mathis is well-known for her performances in American Psycho and Broken Arrow.

With a roster like that, it's hard for anyone to compete. The fact that Duritz dated these high-profile celebs and kept it under the radar for so long is even more impressive, honestly. If you want to compare notes, take a deep dive into Pete Davidson's dating history and decide for yourself who has more rizz.