In the wise words of Cady Heron from Mean Girls, “In girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” Cady missed that memo, however, and turned up at the Halloween party as a zombie bride/“ex-wife,” feeling embarrassed when she arrived only to find everyone else in lingerie and animal ears.

In the real world, plenty of girls commit to the bit as hard as Cady did, although one girl, in particular, appears to have committed to the bit so hard that she almost couldn’t get a ride to the party.

@wilsonolivia69 Replying to @jillian The silence was so loud when I assumed hed seen worse things… dont worry he got 5 stars and a generous tip (well deserved). Lol @Uber he needs a raise. #halloween2023 #uber #sloth #goonies ♬ original sound - Olivia Wilson

Olivia Wilson, who dressed up as Sloth from The Goonies complete with Superman shirt and red heels, shared a video of her experience getting an Uber dressed as the iconic character. She gave the driver a heads up both via the in-app chat and by calling him, letting him know that she had a scary costume on so he wouldn’t die of fright upon arrival.

Probably because Olivia was waiting right by her front door so as to not scare her neighbors, her Uber driver initially drove past her a couple of times until she went out to the curb to flag him down. “I wouldn’t pick me up either, honestly,” she joked.

@wilsonolivia69 Mama Fratelli got my back hahahaha. @Christina_Ipps ❤️❤️❤️ #sloth #goonies #halloween2023 ♬ original sound - Gallant_mummy_yo

Finally in the car, Olivia said she felt bad because she knew it was weird, and she and the driver kept making eye contact in the rearview mirror. She also joked with him about how he’d probably seen worse things; his response was some incredibly loud silence. Finally, Olivia made it to the party and met up with her friends, who were dressed as Chunk and Mama Fratelli, naturally.

Based on her other videos, Olivia commits this hard to Halloween every year. This weekend, in addition to Sloth, she also dressed up as Mojo Jojo from the Powerpuff Girls; previously, she’s dressed up as Lord Farquaad from Shrek and The Grinch.

She neglected to mention which one was the easiest to get an Uber in.