Looks like someone isn’t completing the 9-9-9 challenge.

If you’re watching the Texas Rangers, you have the opportunity to buy something called the “Broomstick.” According to the Rangers themselves, the dish is a “tremendous larger than life 2ft long 1lb all-beef hotdog topped with chili, nacho cheese, and grilled onions.”

One woman recently bought one at a game — and promptly had her dreams of an ultimate glizzy ruined.

In this tragic video, a woman’s hand can be seen showing off her treat. Turning the box, one side comes loose, letting her Big Dog fall mustard-fist on the back of someone just minding their own business.

It turns out that the original video was posted by a Texas-based food influencer named Mira. In an Instagram story, she says that the man in question was her husband and that she waited two months after it happened to post the video, as she knew she was going to get clowned on by internet users. Well, I guess she predicted correctly.

While she says the two left the game soon after (and had a particularly cold car ride home), things between the couple are now fine. No word on whether she plans to get a replacement dog anytime soon, but if she does, let’s hope she’s a little more careful this go around.