super bowl memes - crying, rihanna

Super Bowl LVII has come and gone, bringing with it a dramatic 38-35 Chiefs victory over the Eagles. Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid each have their second Super Bowl, the refs still suck, and... Rihanna is pregnant

As exciting as the game was, its most memorable and meme-able moments came outside of the in-game action, from Rihanna's backup dancers to Eagles coach Nick Sirianni bawling his eyes out during the national anthem. Here are a bunch of Super Bowl memes more memorable than the game itself. 

Nick Sirianni's emotional moment was the internet's first target.

The halftime show was chock full of fantastic memes; including a stare, some backup dancers, and the video game Smash. 

Patrick Mahomes's frustrating enterauge was in full display as well, with his brother Jackson caught posing on live TV. 

After some less exciting games in recent years, it was fun to watch a Super Bowl that featured high scoring, lead changes, and drama. The big game lived up to its big hype, but most importantly we got some good memes out of it. That's what matters most right?