11 Famous Actresses Then Vs. Now

It is always interesting to see how the people we idolized growing up age as we do, and it makes perfect sense that such photos of celebrities then vs now are quite engaging to look at. In this edition of the popular trend we have famous actresses that you might remember from your childhood. Were you a fan of any of these talented actresses back in the day, and do you still keep up with their work now?

It has become a social issue for many that women are not allowed to age the same way as men. Actors like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, or Leo DiCaprio are still viewed as the symbols they were when they first began their careers in the public eye, while many actresses are cast aside once their careers have passed their twenties over. This is certainly an issue, and many of the people on this list are not working with the same level of stardom they enjoyed in their youth, either by their choice or not. Let's all band together however and change this trend, as who would not want to see these talented actresses cast once again? We know we would.

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