16 Normal Things That Were Just Corporate Propaganda

It's amazing how much a well-placed marketing campaign can do to change people's attitudes.

One of the best, most famous examples of this is Listerine. The company initially sold its product as an antiseptic and disinfectant, advertising its uses in surgical rooms and also encouraging housewives to mop their floors with it.

When they pivoted to being a mouthwash, they ran an aggressive campaign that preyed on the insecurities of women of the era - they claimed that bad breath was the silent reason that some young women just weren't getting any male suitors. Naturally, everyone was too polite to tell you about your stank breath, but it was surely the reason you were still unmarried by your late 20s. They even popularized the term 'Halitosis' just to make it seem more like a medical condition!

That campaign was HUGELY popular and influential and propelled Listerine (and halitosis) into becoming a household name. Below, you'll see even more great examples of how marketing campaigns have influenced us into believing things that aren't necessarily as real as the companies behind them would like us to believe.
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