51 Funny Facepalms of Silly Fools

There are certain kinds of fails that only have one correct reaction. The kind that is so beyond your ability to articulate a response or critique that it instead elicits a basic corporeal reaction. This reaction is most famously captured by Patric Stewart portraying Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek The Next Generation, but it exists all throughout life for those moments where words just can't capture the feeling of utter disbelief and disappointment. I am of course referring to the face palm.

The facepalm can be a reaction to any number of phenomena be it a conversation with someone who has come to the conclusion that the Earth is flat, a newspaper headline that has decided to disregard English standards, or watching someone try and parallel park their car in a way that ends up anyway but parallel. All of these scenarios are un-solvable through logic and word choice on your end. Nothing you say or do will fix them. The world just is the way it is, and some problems cannot be solved by you. So all you can do is facepalm instead.

These facepalms come curtesy of r/facepalm.
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