19 Celebs and Athletes With Uncanny Doppelgangers

Stars, they’re just like us – and by just like us we mean they sure as hell look like a lot of other people, a lesson actor Cillian Murphy and Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Tyler Glasnow recently learned.

On Friday, June 9, the MLB star discovered his celebrity doppleganger after nabbing his first win since 2021, an achievement baseball statistics service @CodifyBaseball heralded with an optimistic mid-game post.

“Tyler Glasnow looking great so far today vs. the Rangers,” they captioned a photo of the 29-year-old athlete. 

Yet, more so than an MLB player making a comeback after years of injuries and surgeries, several fans saw something else in Glasnow – more specifically, a very sporty Cillian Murphy. 

“I swear to god I thought this was a new look at a Cillian Murphy baseball film at first glance,” joked Twitter user @NicholasPas5

But Murphy and Glasnow are far from the only stars to bear a striking resemblance. From Katy Perry and Zoey Deschanel to Fiona Apple and Ty Dolla Sign (yes, really) and a whole lot of other athletes, here are 18 celebrities with certified twins. 

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