Employee Treats Company Lies as Truth, Calls the News to Report Them

This employee decided to take the content of their company's meeting a little too literally, by calling up the local news station and reporting it as... news.

Working for a public company that does charity work, this underpaid worker was the subject of your good old fashioned abusive manager. Deciding that they no longer wanted to work there, the worker decides that they will go ahed and file the complaints they have been wanting to file for a while, and they are within their right to file under the union. Of course this is much to the dismay of the manager, who proceeds to inform the office that legal fees from the complaints might bankrupt the company and force them to lose their jobs.

If this weren't complete BS, it would be news worthy! A public company laying off workers from legal fees? So our employee acts on just that, and reports it as news, enacting their revenge in the process.

This story is from r/MaliciousCompliance.
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