From Getting Arrested to Wrecking Your Car Here Are 40 BeReal Pics That Got Way Too Real

Since first gaining widespread popularity last year, it seems BeReal, an app based on taking one photo with the front and back camera at one predetermined time per day, taught us a very important lesson about what it means to be genuine on social media — namely, that there is such thing as being a little *too* real.

Case in point: Redditor u/lettucmatsermined, who headed to r/BeReal with quite the conundrum last spring. They “accidentally” sent a photo of their “newly waxed and polished dick and balls” to all their friends. Hot.

“Today I just waxed all of my genitals including my cock and balls, and I went to go piss later in the day and I got the bereal notification,” they wrote before detailing how “hastily” whipping out their phone and not knowing about BeReal’s now-infamous photo delay in switching from the front camera to the back camera led to their major social media mishap.

“I put my phone down, which was angled in full view of my toilet (and hence, my cock and balls) thinking the rear end camera already snapped a picture,” they added. “I was also in a rush to powder my genitals so I didn’t get a chance to see the end result. I pressed send and that was that.”

Within 10 minutes, lettucmatsermined realized they had absolutely fucked up. “I’m getting texts from friends telling me that I posted my genitals for everyone to see on my BeReal,” they lamented.” I quickly deleted my BeReal post but it was too late. Now everyone is humiliating me for this :(”

Lettucmatsermined is far from alone in their (possibly too absurd to be true) tale of BeReal woe, though.

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