Monday Morning Randomness User Edition - Kenku

Well, today is the day. Another Monday rearing its ugly head. The start of another work week, and another too short weekend is in the books. Hopefully, you were able to take some time to relax and unwind this weekend and didn't let yourself worry or get stressed out about all the crap you have to do this week. Don't let everything that comes with a new week get you overwhelmed. It is best to take these things one at a time and cross them off your list once you get done with them.

To give you a little boost, or perhaps even brighten up your day, take a gander at this big batch of pics perfect for a Monday morning. There are some great randoms, funny memes, cute pics, and everything else in between. So take a few moments before you dive head first into the grind of a new week and enjoy these hand-selected Monday morning pics, more commonly referred to as Monday Morning Randomness.

If you want more, check out the massive archive of Monday Morning Randomness here.
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