20 Twitter Gems We Found Sifting through the Weekly Garbage

It's been one of those weeks where we need about 17 beers at 3pm on Friday.

In case you lost internet for a week, live under a rock, or flat-out just weren't paying worries. We've got you covered, but you might want to have a seat, because this week was a doozy.

Kanye West has completely gone off the rails over Pete Davidson giving his ex-wife Kim the pipe. But that was basically overshadowed by Vladimir Putin and the Russian military invading Ukraine. There's been bloodshed, nuclear threats, false news stories, and everything in between. It truly looks like WWIII may be upon us.

Major League Baseball is still in a lockout and has begun cancelling games. Opening day will NOT happen as scheduled.

Yet through all of the doom and gloom, Twitter somehow still finds a way to make us do the one healthy thing that we all should continue to do in times like these; laugh. We've collected 20 of the funniest viral tweets because we all needed a break from doomscrolling. Try to enjoy.
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