SJW Karen Cries 'Appropriation' at White Guy Making Indian Food, Reddit Strongly Disagrees

No. Just, no. Take several seats and shut up, Karen.

While cultural appropriation is a real and very negative thing, people need to learn the difference between appropriation and appreciation. Just because you aren't from a given ethnicity doesn't automatically mean you have no right to enjoy and appreciate something that doesn't 'belong' to you.

A perfect example of this would be 'Haldi doodh', aka milk with turmeric and honey. The name literally means 'turmeric milk.' It's a popular concoction many an Indian mom has given to their kids growing up, but it's more recently become trendy with the hipster yoga crowd - who are selling it at Starbucks prices under the moniker 'Turmeric Latte' or something even dumber like 'golden latte.'

There's nothing wrong with enjoying Haldi doodh. It's f**king tasty as hell and genuinely good for you. Generations of Indian kids grew up on it! It's only problematic in the form of a 'turmeric latte' sold exclusively by/to white people at some yoga studio in Brooklyn for $10/pop because it completely scrubs the actual culture behind the beverage, and profits from its exploitation without giving anything back to the place of origin.
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