20 Women Share the Most Deranged Texts They've Ever Received

The women of TikTok have banded together to share the “sweetest” messages that they’ve ever been sent. The gallery meme starts with a tweet that says “I love getting sweet messages, I just keep rereading them.” and the next slide is a message that is so insulting you’ll tear up reading them.

Love and dating in the 2020s is rough and these messages reveal some of the roughest parts. One TikTok user screenshot read “I hope you get breast cancer so they’ll remove your only personality trait” We have no idea what these women said or did to be this roasted and teared down through iMessage. (but some of these seem a little uncalled for)

One woman received “You are my worst nightmare and the woman of my dreams all at once” in her inbox. The dual compliment and insult leave the reader with a very confused feeling. It’s kinda the epitome of girlhood, to terrorize a man so much that he texts you “I think I could marry you but I think you might need an exorcism first because something’s off and I’m not sure if it’s a demon or autism. I was willing to look over it because you're hot but it might actually be an issue.”

Well my girl bosses and girl failures, scroll down and experience the brutal realities of dating men who hate you. 

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