Close Call with a Semi Truck Leaves a Driver in Shock

Pucker Factor 9000! A man driving and listening to country music's experience with a large truck flying down the shoulder is captured on his dashcam. This could have been a lot worse. The incident reportedly occurred on the New York Thruway in Kingston, New York. The truck driver's quick thinking avoided a much more serious accident.
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Omer Erkovan told his side of the story on YouTube.

"I’m the driver of the GT3 in the video.

Initially since we came to a quick stop from highway pace, I wasn’t sure whether the car behind me or the car behind him was going to stop in time, so I moved a little left to give myself a chance to move left and get out of the way in case the cars behind me needed that extra distance.

After seeing two cars made it safely, I saw the semi coming in at speed and the moment I realized his pace I knew he wasn’t going to make it so I figured he either hits us straight ahead and bulldozes us, if so I was going to try to run away towards the left, I thought he also could’ve swerved right so I could've been ok on the left, but the moment I saw him swerving left onto the grass I just did my best to get out of his way.

Since I initially thought two cars safely stopping meant we were likely ok so car wasn’t in gear so this was the quickest I could put it in first and inch away to the right.

Glad everybody is safe, and thanks for posting, it does look as close as I thought it was."
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