Cop With Rumble Strips Makes Most Pathetic Attempt of All Time to Stop Stolen Truck

Some car chases are high-speed, action-packed affairs, straight out of the Fast & Furious. Others are hour-long displays of minimalist policing, with speeds only a grandmother could love.

Last week, a chase in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley squarely found itself in the latter category, featuring the LAPD and its quest to apprehend the driver of a stolen truck at very normal speeds. Smack-dab in the middle of the low-speed pursuit, one officer decided to take matters into her own hands and throw down a spike strip — many, many feet short of the slow moving truck.

“That wasn’t even an attempt,” Drew commented on TikTok.

“Even he was like uhhhh okay?” alexx c added, referring to the suspect who couldn’t believe his own eyes (and luck).

In fairness, the truck was hit with multiple spike strips throughout the chase, to little effect, so it’s unclear if a spike-strip bull’s-eye would have done anything anyway. That said, the suspect was eventually corralled thanks to numerous flat tires, which the spike strips definitely had something to do with.

Either way, as grrrrr45601 commented, “I watched this chase on YouTube. Two hours of my life I’ll never get back.”

Fast X it most certainly was not.

@news.dude LAPD attempts to deploy spikestrips on a stolen truck. #fyp ♬ Sweet Dreams - PuppetMaster

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