Drunk Brewers Fan Turns Stadium Concourse Into His Personal Toilet

This drunk Brewers fan celebrated American Family Field's opening day by opening his bladder for all to see. Brewers fans had a lot to celebrate on Monday, as their team routed the New York Mets by a score of 10-0, but not even the Brew Crew's offensive onslaught could compare to this fan's relentless main concourse dousing.

"Manz pissed out alllll the Miller Lites in the building," one person commented, alluding to the stadium's former name of "Miller Park." Despite what the stadium's new family friendly name might imply, fans loved watching the golden antics. "Real pissers know this move," one person commented. "Give this man his keys ASAP," someone else said. Joking aside, people couldn't help but marvel that anyone was this drunk for a 1:10pm Monday game. "Brewers baseball is back!"

At a game that featured fireworks and a flyover with the roof closed, something was in the air that day at American Family Field, probably the smell of piss. Still, this fan's behavior was unacceptable. "It also looks like he's wearing credentials," one person noted. No matter how much fun you're having at a game, it's never worth making it the last one you ever attend.
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