Elizabeth Olsen Aspires to Be a Stoner and I Just Fell in Love

WandaVision star, Elizabeth Olsen recently took a lie detector test, and I think she could be my future ex wife.

Vanity Fair recently sat down with actress and MCU star, Elizabeth Olsen. And by 'sat down' I mean they had her take a lie detector test. Amazing.

Obviously they ask her some fun questions. Things like 'do you ever quote "Full House"?' (in case you weren't aware the Olsen Twins are her sisters.) Of course they ask about her favorite 'Chris' (Pratt vs. Evans) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We also find out that Olsen is a cooking fanatic, and she's learned from the Food Network greats including my personal favorite chef, Giada De Laurentiis.

But perhaps the best part of the interview is when Olsen is asked about naming her plants. To which she responds "I don't like naming inanimate objects." She then takes the bait a little bit which I respect. "Oh, like pot?"

As the clip shows, Olsen is an 'aspiring stoner.' She takes a hit waits 40 minutes, takes another hit, then goes to bed. Ummm...marry me? Was this woman created in a lab? I'm a beginner stoner. I can do those things! I also work for eBaum's World so I'm sure we have some dank weed laying around the office somewhere. Just give me a chance.
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