Good Samaritan Who Was Cleaning up a Lawn Accidentally Discovers a Crime Scene

Kevin Jansen, a Youtube content creator known as 'the Lawn Care Juggernaut' makes content around his services of cleaning up overgrown and unkempt yards for people who either physically cannot do it themselves, or cannot afford to have a landscaping company come in and clean up the mess, as it can be quite an expensive ordeal.

It doesn't take much for a yard or property to get out of control. Sometimes people fall ill, develop medical conditions, or simply become injured and can no longer get out there and do yardwork. Other times a person may just be getting to old to deal with the yard work and has no one to help them. This is where the Lawn Care Juggernaut comes in and lends a hand. It seems like such a small thing to some of us but as seen in some of his other videos the joy and appreciation he often receives for his charity it clearly means a great deal to some folks.

In this video, as he was working Jansen knew something was wrong with this house when he smelled something off. Then he realized there was a dead body on the property and called the police.
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