Grown Man Pushes Past Kids For Autographs at the MLB All Star Game

This guy went a little too hard trying to get autographs on the red carpet of this year's MLB All Star Game in Los Angeles. Sporting Padres gear, and standing around children brandishing mostly Dodgers gear, this fan went all out trying to get the autograph of Astro's starting pitcher Justin Verlander.

Visibly screaming, "Justin please," he thrusts a baseball, (of which he is holding two), beyond the reach of the kids around him. Jostling for position he elbows a young Dodgers fan out of the way, and shoots him some choice words when the kid is visibly disturbed. Unfortunately, it's hard to tell if this bully actually ended up with an autograph.

Now I'm all for normalizing adults getting souvenirs at sporting events. I'd argue that very often an adult who has been an avid fan for years deserves a ball or an autograph more than a kid who just came to a game because their parents took them there. But that should never extend to kids who obviously do care, like the kids here, and this man's behavior is completely un-acceptable. We hope that he never gets an autograph again.
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