Guy Waits Around to See How Long He Can Stay at Wrigley Field After a Game Without Getting Kicked Out

Most people try to leave sporting events as soon as they end, or even slightly beforehand — anything to beat the traffic. But what if you did the opposite?

That’s what TikToker Gfed was thinking when he decided to stay at Wrigley Field after a recent Cubs win. “I’ve always wondered,” he explained, “how long can I stay here until somebody kicks me out?”

Gfed mostly makes sports content, and specializes in messing around with sports venues in unique ways. He’s recently tried to walk onto multiple D1 football fields, and has yet to be stopped by security, only a few locked doors. “It’s crazy the things you can do that most people just don’t think of,” johanfretzen commented.

Gfed began his quest to stay at Wrigley by walking around the concourse, before making his way up to the higher sections. “I think I can kill some time up here, I haven’t really seen too many people — fans or staff,” he said.

Unfortunately, we’ll never actually know how long he might have been able to stay, because after almost two hours, gfed decided to give up. “People have seen me, nobody’s done anything about it, and I got work tomorrow,” he concluded.

“I’ve worked in sports for 10+ years, and baseball stadium security is BANANAS low,” one viewer commented.

So maybe the question Gfed needs to ask next is, how long can he live at Wrigley Field before anyone notices?

@gfed33 How long can I stay at Wrigley Field before I get kicked out? . . . . #cubs #wrigleyfield #stadiums #baseball #greenscreen ♬ original sound - Gfed
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