Hit and Run on Busy L.A. Freeway Escalates Quickly into a Multiple Vehicle Accident

In the early hours of the morning of Tuesday, November 30th (1:50 AM) on Interstate 110 in South Los Angeles, a hit and run incident left one car disabled in a center lane of the southbound side of the freeway directly over Florence Avenue. The victim of the original accident said the driver fled on foot before police had arrived.

As cars continued to speed down the dark highway, there were several near-misses as well as 4 more collisions. A total of 6 vehicles were involved in the awful scene. There were multiple witnesses who reported the accident(s) to the California Highway Patrol and officers were quickly dispatched to the scene.

A photojournalist with OnScene.TV who witnessed the events unfolding pulled off to the side of the road and also phoned 911 to inform them there were more vehicles involved in the incident. Police and emergency response personnel were already dispatched and en route.

The photojournalist attempted to try and warn drivers speeding down the interstate by using flashing lights as well as a directional spotlight to illuminate the crashed vehicles.LAFD Paramedics transported one female and one male victim to the hospital in unknown condition.
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