Insane Woman Impersonating a Cop Tries to Run Driver Off the Road

A crazy woman claiming to be a cop stalks, assaults, and appears to try and kidnap two women on the highway in California until the victims who called 911, are able to find a real cop to help them. The perpetrator was later identified as Dierdre Orozco. Orozco turned on flashers in her truck (impersonating an officer) in an act of road rage when being passed on the highway, and escalating to what you see in the video. She plead no contest in court, being sentenced to 925 days in jail and five years probation.

Getting pulled over by the police is a common occurrence in the United States and something no one really wants to go through. Unfortunately, there are people out there cosplaying as police attempting to impersonate an officer of the law for one nefarious reason or another. If you find yourself getting pulled over and are uncomfortable with the situation, experts suggest finding a well-lit and populated area to pull over in if you have doubts over the legitimacy of the officer. You can also call 911 and inform the operator of your situation and oftentimes get confirmation if it is a real unit stopping you.
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