'This Is a Valuable Life's Not Fair Moment': Man Refuses to Give His F1 Test Ride to Crying Child

This dude in line for a Formula 1 "test ride" simulator decides not to give his place up to a few crying children, after being informed that he is the last person of the day allowed in the attraction. Despite the emotional reaction from the children, this guy has absolutely no qualms about his decision, and the internet has his back.

"Gotta teach them you don't always get what you want in life!" one person comments. "I would do the same. Not gonna miss out on the F1 test drive," says another. While it would have been nice to give a child a fun experience, anyone who's ever tried a racing simulator knows that they are incredibly difficult, even for adults who know how to drive. A child would not gain any discernible experience from one. Adults are often expected to relinquish experiences and souvenirs to children; thus stealing them away from people who would really cherish them, for the sake of amusing a temperamental child. Good on this guy.

As soon as this happened this sound came to my mind to use

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