Mike Tyson Living Best Life after Punch on Plane, Chills with Ric Flair and Rick Ross

The trio got together in Miami and partook in some marijuana. IT was apparently the first time the trio had met in person and they seemed to be having a hell of a good time. This all happened a few days after the incident with Mike Tyson and an annoying passenger on the plane.
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If you somehow haven't heard what happened with Tyson on the airplane, he's a quick recap and the video below.

On Wednesday, a night during a flight from San Francisco to Florida, boxing superstar and celebrity Mike Tyson was onboard a flight. According to the footage and one of the witnesses onboard, Tyson took a selfie with a man and was even patient with the overly excited fan, who kept trying to talk to Tyson and was being quite obnoxious.

Eventually, Mike Tyson's patience ran out and after the man ignored Tyson's requests to chill TF out and continued acting goofy and talking in his ear, Tyson had enough and rained down some blows on the passenger. The man had some cuts and bruises on his face but did not appear to be seriously injured.

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