New York Nuclear Strike PSA Raises Eyebrows

New York Emergency Management released a PSA earlier this week that had the opposite of its intended effect. Unless, of course, that effect was to make millions of people in America's most populous city anxious about the prospect of being vaporized or having their bodies liquified by radiation poison over several weeks.

The eerily upbeat PSA has the feel of an airplane emergency instructional and a corporate training video's creatively half-assed production value. In it, we see a presenter walking across a cheap green screen of a badly-modeled and heavily-damaged New York, instructing us to "get inside" and "stay inside" alongside some other tips to survive a nuclear strike. If you aren't in the blast zone, of course.

The fact that this PSA seemingly came out of nowhere -- and especially amid escalating tension with an increasingly agitated Russia -- made many New Yorkers a little... uncomfortable. Did the PSA come at the behest of the federal government? Was this spurred by real intelligence about a possible nuclear threat? Essentially, this PSA raised more questions than answers.

Unfortunately, all we can do is sit back, laugh at the inappropriately "chill" vibe of this ominous PSA and wait to (hopefully not) be turned into atoms.
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