Toyota Dealership Erupts into All-Out Brawl between Employees

Car salesmen don't have the best reputations, and two California Toyota dealership sales managers are doing nothing to change that. 

When Ange arrived at the Milpetas Envision Toyota Dealership in San Jose to get her car serviced, she instead served as witness to an all out brawl between the location's sales manager, and general sales manager. Initially unaware of the fight's cause, which was apparently the second dust-up between the two men, Ange later posted an update. Quoting an anonymous source, she shared that "Pretty much the brothers [one in management] were [allegedly] stealing a deal, and it escalated into a brawl...." One commenter had a different story; "I heard from another thread it was because the Sales Rep accidentally told a customer the $985 document fee was not necessary, and their boss found out." Of course neither theory is confirmed. 

"Where was the Assistant to the Regional Manager?" one Twitter user joked. "This is the worst Toyotathon promotion I've seen." A dealership is typically an awful place to spend an afternoon, so perhaps the added excitement of a fight wasn't that bad. As this commenter said, "If I have to wait 4 hours to buy a car at least entertain me like this."

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