Taco Bell Employee Throws Boiling Water on Angry Customers

Maybe don't go behind the counter if you're not an employee.

We want to preface this video by stating that it is security footage and it does not include sound. Therefore we can't tell for sure what is said or what happens before the altercation.

What we do know is that the two customers had ordered food at the drive thru. Allegedly the Taco Bell employees working had gotten the order wrong "3 times" so the customers decided to go inside.

Based on what we see in the video, the cashier's drawer is open and there doesn't seem to be any other customer in the restaurant. From that we can gather that the staff was most likely closing. Again this is just an observation, we can't tell that for sure.

After what seems like a few minutes of arguing with the cashier, the two women walk around and attempt to go behind the counter. A big no-no. That's when an employee from the back appears with a pitcher of steaming water. She wastes no time in throwing the water at the two women, but one takes the brunt while the other seems better off.

Both women run out. They are now suing Taco Bell for over $1 Million in damages.
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