Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock, Says He's Being Called to "Love People" In Bizarre Oscars Speech

Before the Oscars were even underway, the Acadamy was working behind the scenes to liven up their award show, which has been losing viewers year-over-year. The addition of musical performances, removing some of the less popular awards from air, and asking its presenters to announce awards on the move were but mere attempts to revitalize a once-great show.

However, The Acadamy received something much more valuable, real-world drama. Will and Jada Smith were sitting front row center the entire night, and early one host Regina Hall (Scary Movie) made a joke at Will implying his open relationship with Jada, asking him to join a lineup on stage, insinuating he had the right. He denied it, waving his hands, however, the next presenter who addressed his family did not fare so well.

On comes Chris Rock, who you know is about to do some very Chris Rock type jokes. After giving it to Javier Bardem, Rock makes a joke about Smith's wife, Jada saying ''can't wait to see you in G.I. Jane 2." Well, apparently Jada has alopecia, an auto-immune disease that forces you to lose your hair.

The moment felt staged at first, but upon hearing Smith call back to Rock twice about, "keeping my wife's name out your f***ing mouth," the laugher in the crowd subsided.

It's a shame that Will Smith winning his first Oscar was overshadowed by Will Smith being a crazy person. (Did you see that hug with Travolta? Scientologists stick together) But you don't get to say, "God is asking me to love people," after slapping someone on live TV.

So while the Oscars for the most part were the same old slog, at least we've got a new meme.
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