There's nothing more eerie than a destination that once was full of people, excitement, and action just being merely abandoned almost overnight. Amusement parks, olympic cities, recreational venues, all seem to carry those memories even though the laughter and joy has been replaced by overgrown weeds.

We've collected some of the most desolate and creepy abandoned locations that used to be full of life.

Athens Olympic Venues

When the Summer Olympics came back to Greece in '04, Athens was alive and thriving. After the games however, nothing really was done with the venues. There were rumors that affordable public housing and a school would be built, but none of that came to fruition.

Jazzland (Six Flags New Orleans)

What opened as a getaway amusement park in 2000, was hammered down by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. If you ever wondered what 7 feet of flood water can do over a week's time, you're looking at it.

All that remains now are dilapidated rides, and wild animals that come and go as they please.

Circus Town

The remains of Circus Town lay on some farmland in Western, PA. Just off Route 422, there used to be an entrance to the old circus. It was creepy to say the least.

An aerial photo shows the early days of Circus Town. It was rumored that of all the animals kept on sight, a lion actually attacked and killed a young child. As with most small towns, this rumor spread like wildfire and has turned into a legend just as chilling as the location itself.


The Belgium amusement park first opened in 1949. It grew vastly in popularity once rides were installed, an upgrade from its simple playground equipment.

However, things took a turn for the worst when a young boy lost his arm on a ride at the park. It then closed for good in 2002.

Schatzi Nightclub

Here's one you don't see every day. A nightclub in Australia caught fire and gutted the inside. The exact cause of the fire was unknown.

Peculiar enough, the disco club had new fire extinguishers installed one day before the fateful fire. All that remains are ruins.

Water Wonderland

Opening its doors in 1980, Water Wonderland in Odessa, Texas was just that...a wonderland. As a kid there was nothing cooler (literally and figuratively) than going to a waterpark. Unfortunately this specific park closed in 2003 due to high costs of maintenance.

Good news, as of November 2022 the park is under new ownership and is planning to re-open.