How in the world does someone make nearly $300K/month on OnlyFans? Just ask 6'2 accountant turned model, Marie Temara who continues to accrue followers (and cash) thanks to her long legs and sun-kissed Miami body. The brunette bombshell hit it big on TikTok and is now taking OnlyFans by storm.

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Unfortunately it wasn't always like this for Marie who comes from a family of tall people. For reference her brothers are 6'9 and 6'10 respectively. Which wasn't necessarily easy for Marie growing up. She would sometimes eat lunch in the school bathroom because other kids would pick on her. She was bullied for being tall, and students would call her a boy.

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Obviously that builds insecurities, especially at such a young age. But after moving on from her job as an accountant, 27-year-old Marie has found the courage to embrace her leggy figure. After her TikTok account took off, it was clear to see that people love her for her height and she has a massive fanbase. 

Since making the move to OnlyFans, she now rakes in a whopping $295K/month on the platform. What once was a target for jealous bullies, is now her money-maker (figuratively speaking.) Talk about karma working in your favor.