I genuinely don't know if the person behind this Twitter account is a real person, and if they are, they aren't trolling me. So is the landscape of Elon's X. 

But what I do know is he (or whoever is behind the page) is a loser of monumental proportions. Okay, so I did a Google search, and Lachlan Phillips is a real person and not an A.I., and his bio which reads, "Former Story Artist for The Lego Batman Movie. Human centric AI. Abundance for all" does check out. 

According to IMDB, Phillips has worked on Unbroken, Gods of Eygpt, and a few Lego films (assuming the account is actually run by the real Lachlan Phillips). He also clearly doesn't like characters that show a little skin, at least according to his latest A.I. project in "upscaling" the female characters present in the new GTA VI trailer. 

His series of tweets in response to the release of the GTA VI trailer last night defies everything we previously knew about A.I. bros, adding clothing to all the characters he deemed too scandalous. Typically A.I. bros are busy working on projects that remove women's clothes, so for doing the opposite, Phillip gets some points, but it all feels very orthodox for my taste. 

I have to admit, I think I'm being pranked here. And if so, good on you Phillips. 

If this all turns out to be a joke (that I embarrassingly fell for), I will admit I was had, but truly I don't know which future is stranger; one where A.I. is used to undress women against their consent, or one that is used to "ethically" sanitize them.