Though airplane turbulence may be normal doesn’t mean it can’t be f—king terrifying, a lesson several scared Aeroflot passengers recently discovered the hard way while on a very bumpy ride to Moscow, Russia.

While passing over a portion of the Ural Mountains on its way from the eastern city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to the Russian capital, the airplane hit a very rough patch of air, one a whole lot more violent than the flight attendants’ initial warning.

“It felt like we were falling down,” Lyubov, a passenger on the shaky flight, told a Russian news outlet of her “scary” trip per Daily Mail.

Considering this extreme turbulence “all started unexpectedly,” another passenger wound up hurting her head during the tumultuous ordeal.

“The woman who was injured was in the toilet at that moment and was trying to get to her place,” Luybov recalled. “When the plane fell down, she received a head injury.”

We can only guess that whoever invented “Jello Theory” has most definitely not been to Russia.