Alexandra Daddario boasts 24 million followers on Instagram and today, all 24 million of them were treated to a nude to they won't soon forget. 

Daddario, who starred in HBO's The White Lotus, the 2017 remake of Baywatch, and a number of other more or less successful projects, broke the minds of her followers today when she posted a nude her the main grid on her Instagram page. 

Typically when celebrities post nudes they do it in their stories, as they aren't permanent, but not Ms. Daddario, who mostly keeps a clean aesthetic to her page, and who decided today was the day for the world to see her naked body (though not for the first time). 

The comments on her post are as you'd expect. Horny dudes asking for the "other angles," with some people sharing Bible versus hoping to convert the horny downtrodden. 

The post already has 1.2 million likes and in the wise words of @oliver_garrett12, "Some of these comments need Jesus."