Though one angry Spirit Airlines customer may have tried to catch a flight out of Orlando, Florida, he wound up with a one-way ticket to jail, landing attempted murder charges after brawling with a cop over a canceled flight.

What appears to be newly-released body cam footage depicts the harrowing moment from last June where typical Spirit Airlines bulls—t escalated into an all-out brawl, one seemingly catalyzed by a vigilante refund.

“I’ll get my refund and I’ll be on my way,” Ohio resident Edward Hariston repeated to Spirit staffers and an officer, reaching back behind the airline’s check-in counter. While it remains unclear who grabbed who first — it appears the cop may have touched Hariston as he tried to grab his “refund” — the pair began shoving it out before the near-flier allegedly placed his opponent in a chokehold.

“Stop!” a woman could be heard yelling off-camera.

After a few moments, the officer was able to break free, slamming Hariston on the ground.

“You choked me out!” the cop yelled before placing the scorned Spirit customer in handcuffs, an ordeal that also appeared to be quite dangerous.

“Let me live,” Hariston reportedly said during the ordeal, noting that the officer “could’ve killed me.”

But even so, the passenger was ultimately hit with several charges stemming from the ordeal, including attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, battery on a law enforcement officer, and disorderly conduct, per local news outlet WFTV9.

So take it from this tale of particularly bad Spirit nonsense — when in doubt, just fly Southwest.