Though one man may have headed to a Maryland chicken shop for a bite, he left with a smashed phone and several charges after driving his tow truck into the eatery.

It’s unclear what prompted the patron, 24-year-old Josyah Brown to spar with staff at New York Chicken and Grill, an upload of the video on r/PublicFreakout citing a broken phone, whatever it was happened to be that serious, the customer appearing to smash a card reader and break down the restaurant’s door before before heading for the iPad behind the counter.

After several moments of destruction, napkins strewn across the eatery’s brown tile floors, one worker decided enough was enough, attempting to smack the wiley patron through the window before tackling him outside.

Brown then decided to further escalate his beef with the restaurant, driving his tow truck through the front window, a decision that not only landed him under arrest with several charges, including first and second-degree assault and malicious destruction of property.

While it’s clear that Brown is in for one hell of a legal ride, one question remains — who tows the tow truck?